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The Naked Current

By Linda Janes April 28, 2019

We are giddy to introduce the very first installment of our waterborne adventure stories written by our fans. Our first author decided to remain anonymous, but his story is full of life and doesn't disappoint. You're sure to enjoy it. He told us it took him 30 minutes to write this. Great job fan and thanks for sharing a part of your life with all of us! When you start reading, you'll know why he couldn't really share the photos from this particular day of his life. 😜 😱 But the story was corroborated. hehe  

"Always happy to tell this story, as a converted seafarer.  I know a couple of things about the current now that I live by the water, but at one point in my life, I was a poor landlocked soul.  Some things you need to learn by experience. I want to share this story to remind people to keep things in perspective, and not take yourself too seriously.  And to watch out for the current!

We left a brutally cold Montreal winter to hit the beach in Varadero for a week and were so excited we could barely wait.  I’m sure we were the most obnoxious tourists in history, and I’d love to lie to you and tell you that we felt bad, but, honestly, we didn’t.  We had scraped together every last dime to afford this trip, and we were ready to party on the Cuban beach for five days. 🇨🇺

🇨🇦 The sun had long set by the time we arrived at the resort.  That said, we were 17 Canadians coming from the -25 degree wind, so we were positively sweating through our clothes.  They didn’t last long.

Before opening a single suitcase, we left our travel-wear draped over palm trees and crashed into the warm waves in our birthday suits.  The water was heavenly on our sweaty skin, and the sand was perfect between our toes. I’m sure the Cubans had seen a bunch of people show up and start skinny dipping, but probably not a group of 17 at once.

Dave was the first one to push the envelope.  He wanted to swim further and further out and taunted us to follow him.  Our collective common sense was strong enough that most of our little group of college friends stayed close to the beach.  Bray and I were not so intelligent. We paddled and paddled out into the darkness until we could barely distinguish the lights of our resort from the next one over.

I don’t know who came to their sense first, but at some point, we decided the charade was over.  We started swimming back, figuring it was high time to check into our rooms. The current had some other ideas though.

It became clear pretty quickly that we were not the swimmers we had thought.  With no lifeguard in sight, we fought against the current for our absolute lives to get back to the beach.  When we finally made landfall, exhausted and panting, we had no idea where we were. 

It resembled a cove, with a rocky outcropping on both sides.  Seemed like there was some kind of a staircase, and we hoped it would lead to something we might recognize.  With nothing but our respective family jewels in hand, we ambled towards the exit, our eyes slowly acclimatizing to the darkness.  That was when the lights turned on. 

Three flashlights cut through the night, essentially blinding us.  And there we were, within two hours of landing in Cuba, face to face with the police, naked as the day we were born.  We thought we were going to jail for sure👮🏼 🚔

They sized us up for what felt like an eternity.  In hindsight, they were probably just concerned with whether we had money to shake down.  Then, just as fast as they came, they disappeared without a trace, and we were on our way.

Luckily, it wasn’t a long search before we found the rest of our friends and our resort.  We marched back in naked heroes, knowing we had got the week off to a great start."

There you have it. Straight from the mouth of one of the Nakedteers! We wonder if skinny dipping is on any particular destination's to do list? For example, can you type "skinny dipping" into Trip Advisor and get some results?! Hmmmmmm.

Got an adventure short story of your own? Share it.

Thanks for reading and talk soon!


Cheers, mates!

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