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Adventure Journal

When Nature Calls Underway

When Nature Calls Underway

By Linda Janes May 22, 2019 | 4 comments

Hang tight mates, as this adventure story is about to unfold. Every month, we ask our fans, friends, and customers to share their waterborne escapades to inspire a sense of adventure and get all the readers into seaworthy moods. So without further ado, gather up and here we go. This is the...

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The Naked Current

The Naked Current

By Linda Janes April 28, 2019 |

We are giddy to introduce the very first installment of our waterborne adventure stories written by our fans. Our first author decided to remain anonymous, but his story is full of life and doesn't disappoint. You're sure to enjoy it. He told us it took him 30 minutes to write...

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Adventure time - your short stories!

Adventure time - your short stories!

By Linda Janes April 09, 2019 |

At DSW, we feel our customers are our heroes.   You are sailors, surfers, divers, adventurers, captains, and connoisseurs.  You’ve watched the sun rise and set in every corner of the world, been caught in storms, rode huge waves, got stung by jellyfish, caught delicious marlin, and been arrested skinny dipping.  We...

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Learn to Sail: Buying a Sailboat Guide

Learn to Sail: Buying a Sailboat Guide

By Linda Janes March 19, 2019 | 4 comments

It was a sunny summer afternoon in 2017 when we approached the Storm Petrel - our future sailboat - for the first time.  Her faded orange hull was dated, but friendly. We were novice sailors and needed a means and motivation to sail every weekend.  (Check out how we learned...

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10 Beach Adventures for 2019

10 Beach Adventures for 2019

By Linda Janes February 14, 2019 | 2391 comments

2019 is the year of the Chinese Pig and according to legend, those born in this year are going to enjoy life to the fullest.  Who are we to blame them? Let’s be honest, we all love the water - and either we are living a non-stop adventure, or we...

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Learn to Sail

Learn to Sail

By Linda Janes January 16, 2019 |

Neither of us know how it happened, but we woke up one morning wanting to live on a sailboat.  It came out of nowhere, nothing but a great dream. We couldn’t sail, and we knew nothing about the water.  But, like in all things, we decided to dive in head...

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About us

Linda Janes - Co-founder of Damn Skippy Wear - Your Seaside and Beach Outlet

 Imagine your perfect day...

Cold dock under your feet, as you watch the sunrise and listen to the waves lapping.

Comfy t-shirts and well fitting flip flops. The crackle of fresh whitefish on a beachside fire, over the cooing of a friend's ukulele. 15-knot winds at beam reach. Tanned skin, with legs dangling overboard. Laughing.

Hammocks... lots of hammocks. Piles of clothes left behind while you skinny dip.

Whatever is in your perfect seagoing/beach day, we want you to have the perfect outfit and all the right tools to make it a smashing success and to remember it for many years to come with the best in coastal home decor and ocean-inspired wear, accessories and novelties.  

In other words, the finest provisions for your seaside adventures!
"Hey everyone! My name is Linda and I get the pleasure of being the chief ambassador here at DSW. 
If you love the ocean, its vastness, and all its shores and beaches, then we're confident that you'll be a lifetime customer.
Welcome to the family!!!"

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We are veteran owned and woman-led, and we are from Anchorage, Alaska!

We have so much coastline... so much ocean.  We encourage you to visit Alaska. It is both vast and understated. While here, you can get yourself into any imaginable sport, activity or a way of life. Who knows, your next epic adventure could be waiting for you here, unbeknownst...

"Our purpose is to help you discover and responsibly enjoy your passion for the world's oceans, coastlines and beaches!"

We humbly appreciate your business, if you've purchased something with us. A portion of proceeds from every sale goes to the Ocean Conservancy to help us keep our oceans clean. 

If you're browsing around, check out our Adventure Journal to get you in the seaworthy mood! 

A coastal salty salute to you from all of us at DSW!

Now let's get this show underway...

Damn Skippy Wear. The finest provisions for your seaside adventure.


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